The Face

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

For some reason, I’ve experienced writer”s block both in writing the lyrics to this tune and this post. The subject matter hits close to home, so maybe I was just afraid to face it (heh heh).

I think it’s good to be aware that we all put up a defensive facade to some extent. One online forum I frequent displays your username next to your post, and underneath is written “human being with feelings”. I love that, and call it to mind in many situations.

Nothing is as it seems.

-Mike (the frightened child)


The Face

Sometimes the wind blows away the shadows
By planting clouds in the sky
The sun is willing to play
And it turns a blind eye

I wind my way through the smoke and mirrors
I live my life like a spy
The world is only a dream
Full of secrets and lies

And no one ever sees the broken man behind the face
The face they know so well
Love and understanding

Beneath the layers of myth and magic
Between the dark and the light
Sometimes it’s better to run
Than to stand up and fight

And no one ever sees the frightened child behind the face
The face he wears so well
Sympathy and caring

No one ever sees the broken man behind the face
The face that lies so well


Written by Mike Lorello
All vocals, instruments, arrangement, engineering, mixing, mastering by Mike Lorello

Equipment Used

-Fender Precision Bass

-James Tyler Variax Guitar

Arturia Wurlitzer Electric Piano

-4Front TruePianos

-Arturia Moog Modular

-Arturia ARP 2600


-Arturia Hammond B3

-East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orch.

-VSL Solo Strings

-Kirk Hunter Orchestral Library

-Miscellaneous Orchestral Libraries

-Neumann U87 Microphone

Fender Precision Bass

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